PEPPERJERRY, creator of the personal-brand “Urban Devil” (established in 2010) is fascinated with all things crazy, rock and roll and oddly illustration and graphic arts.
Urban Devil artworks have been exhibited:
●Taipei Toy Festival 2012 "Urban Devil" - illustration artworks & limited edition HEI-Cast figures for first release.
●Participated in joint exhibitions at Hong Kong Toy Soul 2014 with Monster Taipei Inc.
●Participated in joint exhibitions at WonderCon Anaheim 2017.
●Independent ART FES in TAIPEI 2017.
●Participated in joint exhibitions at WonderCon Anaheim 2017 with artist friend.
●Asia Illustrations Annual Awards Art Exhibition 2018.
●Participated in joint exhibitions at Beijing Toy Show 2018 with Monster Taipei Inc.
●Urban Devil Returns to Taipei Toy Festival 2018 for second coming with brand new Urban Devil action figures (limited edition of Original Version / Grayscale Variant) & new illustration artworks.
PEPPERJERRY keep pushing himself creatively and produce more work for his personal brand “Urban Devil”.
PEPPEJERRY 喜歡呈現瘋狂,搖滾樂與奇幻古怪的插畫及平面設計作品,於 2010 年自創獨立品牌 Urban Devil。
參與過 2012年 Taipei Toy Festival 台北國際玩具創作大展,首次展出 Urban Devil 系列插畫作品及販售 Urban Devil 限量 HEI-Cast 公仔作品、2014年與 Monster Taipei 台北怪獸玩具店團隊協同參與香港 Toy Soul 亞洲玩具展、2017年與藝術家朋友參與美國 WonderCon Anaheim 漫畫展,2017年參與獨立藝術博覽會台北、2018年亞洲插畫年度大賞、2018年與 Monster Taipei 台北怪獸玩具店團隊協同參與北京國際潮流玩具展及2018年二次回歸參與Taipei Toy Festival 台北國際玩具創作大展,會場首賣全新 Urban Devil原創角色玩具公仔 (原色限量版 / 灰階異色少量版) 全新登場搶先曝光推出販售及展出歷年精選插畫作品。
目前持續繼續沉溺於 Urban Devil 的創作世界中。

Urban Devil - 2018 全新設計師原創角色玩具公仔-原色限量版及灰階異色少量版

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Urban Devil 角色品牌介紹: Urban Devil 一位胡搞瞎搞但心地善良的傻瓜小惡魔,最吸引他來到人類世界的就是搞鬼搗蛋、啤酒和搖滾樂,當然還有惡整比他更壞的人類,但往往弄巧成拙,既使他有半調子的惡魔能力,U ...

Urban Devil

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Urban Devil is a naughty but kinda-hearted little devil.Being able to mess around and pull pranks on people, having booze and devil rock are the reasons that he is attracted to the human world. He lik ...