INGLEPARK - Volume 1 x Hidden Works

INGLEPARK - Volume 1
Language : Available in english, french.
Author(s) : Chak
Number of pages : 80
Format : 18 x 26
Release date : Available soon
Official website :
ISBN : 978-2-9557635-0-6

Los Angeles, early '90s.

In the district of INGLEPARK, the Outlawz are the law, Chicago is their leader.

One night, stopped at a red light in the dark and dangerous streets of INGLEPARK, Chicago is shot in a failed carjacking attempt...

At his funeral, a gunfight broke out between the Outlawz and thugs driving by, probably of the same crew as the killer.

A few weeks later, it's pouring down raining over the city, the thunder rumbles and the earth shakes above the tomb of Chicago... ...he's back from the dead !

And he is determined to seek revenge and to put to an end any shadow of a doubt to his murder !

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INGLEPARK - Volume 1 x Hidden Works
Based in Beijing, China, toy designer Hidden Foo gives life to Chicago, by creating an exclusive collectible action figure of the main character of INGLEPARK.

With a size of 12", the figure is dressed in tailored clothes, handmade by the artist.

In addition to an INGLEPARK baseball jersey, a camouflage cargo pants, the figure wears a San Francisco Giants cap, and a pair of Reebok Pump Omni Lite, true to the character's outfit in the Volume 1 of INGLEPARK.

Conducted in close collaboration with CHAK, the author of INGLEPARK, a very limited production serie is considered.

INGLEPARK - Volume 1 will be available soon.

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