LEGO DC 超級英雄停格電影APP上架!

許多玩具人一定在YouTube上看過驚人的LEGO 停格動畫,不過一般素人想要做到需要花費許多時間去拍攝以及編輯。但是現在如果您有一支蘋果iPhone ,你就能夠藉由“LEGO DC Super Heroes Movie Maker”輕易地拍攝出你自己的影片!

這一款免費的APP能夠讓你輕鬆的拍攝以及編輯一段短片,並且置入不同的濾鏡與音軌。以下是iTunes 的介紹以及簡單的APP操作說明。

下載:LEGO DC Super Heroes Movie Maker

Build your LEGO® Super Heroes adventure then capture your story!

Help your child bring their LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes to life with the LEGO DC Super Heroes Movie Maker. This fun, kid-friendly app brings the whole family together to create a LEGO stop motion movie on the iPhone. Simple tools and guides make it easy to shoot, edit, even score your movie with music. Add one of the customizable title cards and share it online and who knows, you may have the next summer blockbuster in your hands…literally!

-Add & delete frames to your movie
-Choose from 5 different soundtracks
-Add a color filter to the camera
-Customize one of 11 different title LEGO Super Heroes cards
-Save your movie to your camera roll then share with your friends

**Stay tuned for planned app updates and even more LEGO Super Heroes fun!**

And be sure to collect the 2012 LEGO DC Super Heroes: DC Universe sets. From Batman foiling The Joker bank robbery scheme to Superman squaring off against Lex Luthor, the ideas for new LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes movies are limited only by your child’s imagination!