Unique Retro Style & Color Matching! Designer Interview: COJICA TOYS

Japanese Version

COJICA TOYS is an authentic Japanese sofubi brand that rarely seen in the market. From design, prototype to painting, All of its works are all produced by the soul designer "Hiramoto Kaiju". The eye-catching model, color matching and complicated process have enabled COJICA TOYS to quickly win the hearts of global sofubi Kaiju collectors and become a unique brand in the soft vinyl toy market.

This time, we cooperate with COJICA TOYS, we have a chance to interview "Hiramoto Kaiju" so that everyone can‭ ‬understand the persistence and dedication of authentic Japanese‭ sofubi designer‭.‬‬‬
Toy People News: What is the meaning of COJICA TOYS(コジカ)? Does it have any special meaning for you?
Hiramoto Kaiju: I lived in Nara, Japan. SHIKA is the symbol of Nara. Because the small company was just founded here, I want to name it according to the SHIKA. That’s COJICA.
Toy People News: Can you share the process of producing sofubi? What is the key to finish a great toy? (We ask for some pictures, instructions, sketches, the prototype from Hiramoto Kaiju.)
Hiramoto Kaiju:
① First, making a prototype from NSP.

② After modeling roughly, the next step is grinding the edges until it becomes perfectly. The prototype has finished.

③ If there’s no problem about the prototype, we move to the mass production. The WAX prototype is made by flexible silicone mold, and the WAX prototype is used to make metal mold.

④ After the metal mold is complete, we can produce soft vinyl toys massively, and go to the next stage: assembling.

⑤ I will start painting with spray gun and pen after assembling. Each of them is hand painted by me. The picture is about removing MECHA CHIRABO’s head and preparing to paint.

⑥ The MECHA CHIRABO is done!
Toy People News: What’s your major in college? What jobs did you have in the past? When and why did you decide to design sofubi?
Hiramoto Kaiju: I was an illustrator, but I’m not doing any illustration-related works at all. I have collected lots of toys and Kaiju sofubi for twenty years.

Five years ago, I spent lots of money making my favorite Kaiju sofubi. In the beginning, I almost gave up because I was such a rookie and no experience in 3D sculpture. However, at that time, some people continued to cheer me up and encouraged me to move forward. Finally, I succeeded in producing the first sofubi in my life.

Since then, more and more people have started to like my works. Thank you for your support. Now making sofubi is the meaning of my life.
Toy People News: Can you share your first sofubi with us?
Hiramoto Kaiju: The first sofubi that I made was "モノクロン", which was based on the role of the Monoclonius. I immediately began to design the character "チラボ" based on T-Rex after "モノクロン" was born.

Toy People News: Different from the general factory painting, each of your sofubi is hand painted. Can you please share your insistence and concept of creation with us?
Hiramoto Kaiju: I think hand painted can put some life into it. I insist on painting toys’ teeth and eyes with the pen. I believe that pen painting can inject the soul into the sofubi.
Toy People News: In addition to sofubi, your graphic works are also very interesting. Can you share your wonderful works with us? Do you want to try a different pattern in design?
Hiramoto Kaiju: I’m really grateful that you notice my graphic work.

My new work "アンケロン" will be released this summer. The illustration is designed for the Header Card. Through this, people will recognize that "what kind of monster he is" and "what fighting skills does he have". I think I will focus on producing sofubi for now.
Toy People News: Can you please share the look of your studio with your fans?
Hiramoto Kaiju: This is my current studio.
Toy People News: There’re so many Kaiju creations in your works, is there any special reasons? What Kaiju do you like the most?
Hiramoto Kaiju: I really like Godzilla, Gamera and Ultraman. Their movements are a bit slow and rash, some are cute and some are cool. I really love those Kaiju living on earth.

One of my favorite Kaiju sofubi is "ザニカ", which is launched by Bullmark.

▼ Kaiju sofubi "ザニカ" was launched by ブルマァク(Bullmark) in 1971.

Toy People News: Among the Kaiju that you have made in the past, is there any one that gave you a deep impression?
Hiramoto Kaiju: The process of making MECHA CHIRABO (メカチラボ) is the most complicated ever. And painting "スピノドン" is a heavy work because of its size.

▼ This time, COJICA TOYS and Toy People News are proud to present the MECHA CHIRABO (メカチラボ) limited edition! You can join the online lottery at toy-people.com next Monday(2019.06.17).


▼ The size, painting skill and color matching of "スピノドン"(Spinodon) are truly awesome!

Toy People News: Besides Kaiju, do you want to create different characters?
Hiramoto Kaiju: Except for Kaiju, what I want to do the most is probably the cute cats sofubi.
Toy People News: Do you have new character in progress? Can you share some pictures with us?
Hiramoto Kaiju: The next piece is the turtle monster "アンケロン" that is expected to be launched this summer. I’m considering making a Kaiju based on Allosaurus or Brachiosaurus.

▼ New character from Hiramoto Kaiju, turtle kaiju "アンケロン"(Ankeron) will be release in this summer.

Toy People News: Hiramoto Kaiju’s works are full of old Japanese sofubi style. Do you collect sofubi or other toys? Can you share your collections with us?
Hiramoto Kaiju: Those toys in the photo are only a part of it. My room is almost drowned by the sofubi. Because there’re too many of them, my family isn’t satisfied with it.
Toy People News: Apart from making sofubi, what’s your personal hobby?
Hiramoto Kaiju: Collecting sofubi is a big part in my life. In addition, I also spent a lot of time in garden.
Toy People News: For you, what is the meaning of toys?
Hiramoto Kaiju: FAMILY!

More information about COJICA TOYS:
► Instagram : www.instagram.com/hiramoto_kaiju
► Facebook : www.facebook.com/cojicatoys
► Website : www.cojicatoys.com

MECHA CHIRABO(TOY-PEOPLE.COM EXCLUSIVE)will be release at TOY-PEOPLE.COM next Monday, please stay tuned.
Product Size: Approximately 24 cm tall
Materials: Soft vinyl, LED light up function.